About Waterline Spa

Buicks to Bentleys

Our clients are treated to uniformed staff, able to *bring out the best in a car during a five minute express cleaning, a 15-minute full-service, or a hand-touch wash, which has a choice of four treatment options.

Cars are treated to higher-end car-washing technology, from complimentary vacuuming to a 10-blower drying system -- as opposed to the standard 4-blower set *as examples. Soothing sounds, leather seats, wifi *connection and free Starbucks coffee and tea are on call in the lounge. Plus, there is an on-site quality *control inspector to ensure satisfaction – just to name a few of the amenities.

Since a car is the second largest investment most people make, no matter how much it costs, keeping *it clean goes beyond vanity. It helps secure an *investment. Get your shine at Waterline.